Wednesday, July 14, 2010

iPhone brouhaha?


Wednesday, July 14

The iPhone 4 backlash seem to be reaching fever pitch.  After the consumer reports article that refused to recommend iPhone 4, there has been a lot of media and analyst attention on this issue.  There have been some, notably Rob Enderle, that is calling for a recall.  That seems extreme to me.  

[Note that Rob Enderle has written when the iPhone first came out that Apple will not benefit from the iPhone (which is, in hindsight, as wrong as can be), and he also speculated that there might need to be a recall for the iPhone 3G (which never happened).  Given the history, it's probably good to take Mr Enderle's, nay, any analyst's comments with a heavy dose of salt ...]

Meanwhile, there are some people that are questioning Consumer Reports methodology.  

Regardless, I suspect worst case, Apple might have to either give away or discount the $29 bumpers.  Truth of the matter is, I have gotten a protective case for all the iPhones I've had so far anyways, so assuming this is sufficient to solve the problem, I don't see this as a huge issue.

This doesn't stop some analysts from speculating that a recall could cost Apple $1.5 billion though ... to be fair they did say this is highly unlikely ...

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